How to use PHD


Please read before anything:
  • Always check the list of available names presented to you during any add-process before adding a new entry. Duplicate entries will be deleted from the database.
  • Use Roman/Latin characters only in names of dogs AND persons. This will slim down the chance of duplicate entries and the database going nuts.
  • Don't place titles in front of dogs registered names. They will be deleted as well. And last but least...
  • We don't scream at PHD, so please, no names in all caps.

  • 1. How to add a new dog

    Go to DOGS > Add dog in the menu and follow the instructions. A field like this one will appear. Fill in the name and press the button!
    It will then come up with some names already listed.
    Your dog is in there -> select your dog or

    Your dog is not there -> select the last dot 'My dog is not in there'. The script will take you to the right update-page.

    2. How to add a Sire or Dam

    The parent is already listed in PHD -> Use the child's Manage-page, fill in the first part of the parents name and select the right dog.

    The parent is not listed in PHD -> Use the pedigree's "Add Dog"-links. It will work like 1. How to add a new dog.

    3. How to manage persons, owners, breeders

    Please be considered if you add or update other persons info. Ask permission first to have the info listed on PHD.

    To list a person as owner or breeder of a dog, click the "Add breeder" or on the "Add owner" button on the manage-page. The person is already listed in PHD -> Fill in (part of) the last name and select the right person from the list of available persons.

    The person is not listed in PHD -> Check the 'is not one of the above persons' to add a new person to the database.
    In both cases you are adding the role "breeder" and "owner" respectively.

    It is possible to enter more than one breeder or owner for a dog. Moreover clicking on the symbol next to a name, does only remove this person as breeder or owner of a dog but does not delete the person from the database.

    4. How to add or update a kennel (birth place)

    5. Add a picture

    On the dog's update page you can choose from the existing list of kennels (in the textfield type the first letters and you will receive a list to choose from) or type in a new kennel name.

    Adding pictures can be done on the dog's editing page. Be aware that only urls to pictures (with actual .jpg extension) are allowed! Some storage engines will send out the url to the entire webpage instead of the the url to the picture. An error will be triggered and uploading will not succeed. Please try to find the real location of the picture on the net, copy that url into the database and all should be fine.

    6. Place a lock

    7. How to delete a dog or person

    It is possible to place a lock on your dog and/or your own personal information.
    With this lock it will be impossible to add or alter information by all users.
    A lock on a dog can only be unlocked when the dog changes owner and a request to unlock is send by e-mail by the (previous) owner.
    Health test results can still be placed on a locked dog.
    To place a lock, simply contact the PHD Administrator with the id number of the dog(s) or person you want to have locked.

    The deletion of a whole record (dog or person) can only be done by team PHD. Therefore please always check the list of available dogs/persons presented to you during the add-process before adding a new dog/person.
    Anyhow, if you happen to create a wrong new dog/person entry, please contact the PHD Administrator.